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The White Mountain Apache Office of Higher Education Program is under the WMAT Department of Education. The office has administrative responsibilities which include (1) announcing the availability of Financial Aid; (2) accepting and processing applications; (3) awarding grants and scholarships to recipients; (4) authorizing payments to the college or university which the grant or scholarship recipient attends; and (5) monitoring student progress and academic performance.

In addition to the WMAT Department of Education, the Indian Education Committee and the Scholarship Review Committee (SRC) oversee the management of the Office of Higher Education.

Education, for the White Mountain Apache Tribal members, represents the balance of maintaining traditional values and cultural beliefs while pursuing a professional degree. This belief supports life-long learning, fulfillment of potentials, and personal growth for all children, youth and adults. Education is needed in order to endure and continue to be a spiritual, adaptable, productive, and diverse people. The Office of Higher Education responds to this need by meeting the following objectives:

-To make available and/or support comprehensive education services;
-To effectively coordinate with departments, agencies, and other regulatory/governing bodies, in the goal of promoting education;
-To inform the Apache people of available services at the Office of Higher Education;
-To monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of services provided.

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